in Miskolc-Lillafüred, Hungary, 2-6 October, 2017.



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is-emm1: The 1st International Symposium on Experimental Mechanics of Materials


At present the mechanical properties are playing important roles during development of new materials or productions and applications of traditional materials and media including biomaterials, plastics, metals, ceramics, composites, construction and building materials as well as geo-media and rocks. In our days the relationships between material compositions, micro- and nanostructures and mechanical, dynamical and thermo-mechanical properties and characteristics are in the focus both the mechanical science and material science. Methods and instruments of testing and measurements of mechanical and thermo-mechanical properties, modeling, simulation and investigations of mechanical behavior of materials under a the multiscale nonlinear dynamic systems are in the centre of scientific interests of this symposium.. In our days the experimental investigation of macro, micro and nano surface hardness, creep, fatigue, crack fracture and relaxation of residua stress in materials together with the dynamic and thermo-mechanical stresses and features of stress-strain state fluctuations near the middle-trend in different materials and media are in the centre of attention during development new materials or new machines and constructions.

Symposium is-emm1 provides a platform among scientists, researchers and engineers in field of experimental and applied mechanics and materials sciences including physicists, chemists, biologists, mechanics, mathematicians as well as mechanical, civil and construction engineers, and PhD students for discussion and simulation of the recent achievements in experimental and applied mechanics of materials and constructions.


Symposium Organizers and Chairs


There are several scientists participating in the organizing works of this session. The Session Chairs will be selected from from the Invited Lecturers of this session at the end of August in 2017.




Stress and strain in materials

Residual stress in materials and constructions

Thermo-mechanical stresses in materials

Stress and strain in time-depended materials

Inverse problems

Macro-, micro- and nano-hardness of materials and additives

Relationship between creep and material compositions and morphology

Relationship between fatigue and material compositions and morphology

Dynamical failures and fractures of materials and constructions from them

Crack propagation in materials and measurement methods and instruments

Measurement methods, instruments and equipment

Simulation and modeling of mechanical behavior of materials and constructions from them – methods and applications


All works related to experimental mechanics and mechanical modeling of materials and constructions from them are welcome in this symposium.

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