in Miskolc-Lillafüred, Hungary, 2-6 October, 2017.



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is-fms1: The 1st International Symposium on Fractures and Mechanics of Solids


Investigation of scenarios of fracture foci formation in materials and media of different compozition and morphplpgy is quite important for estimation of life cycle and resource of different constructions as well as for prognosis of their fracture.

At present time the all-known fact is that all materials and media including plastics, metals, ceramics, composites, construction and building materials as well as geomedia and rocks represent the multiscale nonlinear dynamic systems. Loaded solids and media as typical nonlinear dynamic systems demonstrate the characteristic features of evolution: the dynamic chaos, self-organized criticality, local and global loss of stability starting from the formation of mesoscopic scale cracks up to the main cracks. Theoretical and experimental investigation of features of stress-strain state fluctuations near the middle-trend in different media (the jerky flow and fracture of brittle specimens) showed its conformance to the Guttenberg-Richter law. These facts prove the community of fracture scenarios both for materials of different engineering constructions as well as geomedia at large scales and specimens at small scales.

Studying deformation and fracture of materials and media as nonlinear dynamic systems permits to excurse from private details of internal structure and specific mechanisms of non-elastic strain and define the most common characteristics of mechanical response near the critical states. One of the central goals of investigation of mechanical response of loaded solids and media as nonlinear dynamic systems is to identify the precursors of transition to the superfast critical stage.

Symposium is-fms1 provides a platform among leading international scientists and researchers in theoretical and applied mechanics and materials sciences including physicists, chemists, mechanics, mathematicians as well as mechanical, civil and construction engineers, and PhD students for discussion and simulation of the recent achievements in rheology and facture mechanics of materials


Symposium Organizers and Chairs


Prof. Dr. Pavel V. MAKAROV

Tomsk State University




Dr. Mikhail O. EREMIN

Institute of Strength Physics and Materials Science, SB RAS




Dr. Ludmila N. GÖMZE

IGREX Engineering Service Ltd.






This session provides a platform for scientists from diverse fields, e.g. mechanists, physicists, geophysicists, mathematicians mechanical and civil engineers in order to discuss hot achievements:

In the sphere of experimental investigation of different scenarios of solids fracture;

In the sphere of numerical simulation of deformation and fracture of solids with different mechanical properties and characteristics;

In the sphere of studying the stress-strain state evolution of solids under the applied load near the critical state;


All presentation of scientific works related to methods and applications of mechanical measurements and fractures of solid materials including parts and elements of machines, equipment and constructions are welcome in this symposium.

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